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Philosophy and Values


Philosophy and Values

Relieve is a leading International Engineering Company, which provides service to large-scale Civil Works and fills Highly Qualified Civil Engineering and Surveying posts. We are a professional team with more than 25 years of proven experience in Civil Work. We have highly qualified personnel worldwide and a presence in over 20 countries.

We believe in horizontal collaboration among companies. We focus on the development of the latest technologies and the implementation of new control and communication systems. We are backed by the fact that our professionals have been working for the main engineering companies as well as for large construction companies, administrations and official institutions.

Relieve is a company opened to the world and for that reason it works together with local partners in different countries. We have the perfect formula: highly qualifiedprofessionals, local partners and local market price. We offer quality, flexibility and service to all our clients, from the most basic services up to the achievement of full development of all stages of a project.

In Relieve we offer comprehensive Technical Service to Major International Construction Projects, based on both technical and technological solutions as well as human knowledge and talent.

Adaptation: “We meet customer needs.”

International orientation: “Our services have no borders.”

Innovation: “Profiles qualified technicians with the most advanced equipment.”