Surveying & Engineering Services

Internacional Outsourcing of Professional Services


Internacional Outsourcing of Professional Services

We have the best professionals with an extensive experience and we send them to construction projects worldwide, adapting to prices and costs of the different countries. We move talent internationally, not only Surveying Technicians but also Construction Site Managers, Production Managers, Technical Office Chiefs, Designers, Structural Engineers, Draftsmen and qualified technical personnel for Construction.

We act as an international consultancy specialized in technical personnel service. We provide our clients worldwide the best professionals in the different fields of civil engineering, energetic and industrial projects, and in general the development, construction and management of any kind of infrastructure.

We have a wide experience in tunneling, bridges, roads, ports, buildings, airports and any Civil Construction Project. We fill the needed positions for each Project and cover different areas such as production, surveying, structures control, work monitoring, technical drawing and structures design.

“Talent moves around.”