Surveying & Engineering Services

Sale and Rental


Sale and Rental

Relieve offers sale, rent and distribution service of all kind of Surveying and Monitoring equipment.

We distribute new and second hand equipment worldwide.

We make available in the shortest time the necessary Surveying equipment for implementation and control of Construction projects.

We offer a full range of instruments, accessories and the most modern equipment to make work faster and more effective.

We supply monitoring equipment, both geotechnical and structural and environmental systems, for tunnels, dams, bridges, mines and railways control.

Sales and rent of auscultation equipment:

  • We offer a wide experience, the most advanced instruments and Projects design.
    • Auscultation of roads.
    • Auscultation of railways.
    • Auscultation of airplanes.
    • Auscultation of dams.
    • Auscultation of structures.
  • Software to carry out auscultation and analysis of results.
  • The most modern topography equipment.
  • Equipments supply and maintenance.
  • Reading and interpretation of results.
  • Advice for auscultation.

Sale and rent of surveying equipment:

  • Optical and digital levels:
    • Professional optical levels: For testing and implementation of works.
    • Precision optical levels: to carry out any kind of measurements with a high degree of precision.
    • Digital levels: they are used for construction and building, reducing the time required for the works by half and minimazing human errors.
  • Laser levels: They have broad utility both indoors and outdoors, in construction and building sector.
  • Laser measurement device: it´s widely used for indoors and outdoors measurements.
  • Theodolites.
  • Total Station: We offer the most modern equipments and the-state-of-the-art software when a topographic survey on the construction site or auscultation is needed.
  • GPS:
    • We provide cutting edge technology in centimetre-accurate GPS-GNSS receivers for all kinds of precision work.
    • Submetre GPS-GNSS receivers to perform works not requiring a high degree of precision.
    • Wireless controllers.
    • GIS receivers.
    • Software.
  • Scanner: They are used to carry out detailed topographic and engineering surveys, reducing time and costs as well as achieving a high level of detail and a high definition display.
  • Machinery: We offer the most modern equipment to be attached to any kind of construction work machinery.
    • Gradients laser level for backhoe loaders.
    • 2D Control System for all kind of machinery.
    • 3D Control System for all kind of machinery which can be used to control and execute the work planimetry and altimetry.
  • Software: We offer all types of software for design and topographic calculations, Clip, MDT, Civil3D.
  • Railway:
    • Rulers for tracks: Digital rulers for tracks, track inclination, welding control etc.
    • Track trolleys: they are used to measure the tracks accurately and precisely and absolute railway tracks positioning from external references..
  • Accessories: Accessories for any kind of topographic equipment.
    • Accessories for Total Stations.
    • Accessories por GPS.
    • Accessories for optical and digital levels.
    • Accessories for Laser levels.
    • Tripods.
    • Surveying rods.
    • Sights.
    • Prisms.
    • Batteries.
    • Radiotelephones.